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Pink Powder


My name is Joshua Moulding and my purpose in life changed dramatically after my daughter was born in early 2023. The thought of doing something that makes me happy and makes me feel accomplished every day no longer seemed so far out of reach. I knew I had to follow my two dreams after holding my daughter for the first time.


My first dream was always to raise my child while working to support my family in a non-conventional way. Staying home with my daughter and helping her develop positively by exposing her to the world, hanging out in nature, meeting new people, and of course, how to be her best self is a dream that I am making a reality.

My second dream was to launch my own company and offer my photography and video skills to the community that I love. I’m taking the leap with confidence in my own skills to show my daughter that with a little confidence and determination chasing dreams can be possible. I bring 21 years of filmmaking, photography, and media content experience. I believe that every family is unique and I strive to capture your family's personality and individuality in every photo session.​ I have the artistic skills and the eye of a new father looking through every lens.


If you are still wondering about the name of the company, it is named after my daughter, Aurora Lily. She is my inspiration, and it is only fitting that it be named after her. Afterall, she is the boss and the new dawn in the next chapter of my life.

founder of company with his hand on his chin like the great thinker
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